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There are many aspects of veterinary medicine which contribute to the overall health of your pet. The physical exams at our animal vet clinic will give your family much-needed information about your pet's health, and enable you to protect your pet's health today and in the future.  The services we provide at our Anaheim animal vet clinic include preventive, routine, and surgical care. We provide pet dental care as both preventative and corrective care for all types of pets.

Many people have little knowledge of just how vital good oral health is to our overall health.  Unfortunately, even fewer realize how dangerous poor dental health can be for a dog or cat.  While many people in Anaheim may not think bad breath or browning teeth are real problems for domestic animals, it can literally mean the difference between health and sickness.  The state of our dental hygiene affects many other systems in our bodies, from our immune system to heart and lung function.  The same is true for your pets.

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Veterinary Dental Cleaning at Katella Animal Clinic

Due to the importance of overall dental health, we offer pet dental cleanings and other dental services at our animal clinic. During a cleaning, the teeth are cleaned, any plaque build up is removed, the teeth are thoroughly flossed, and we provide a flouride treatment to protect their teeth. Most of our dental services, including tooth cleaning procedures, are done under anesthesia for the comfort of the pet and to ensure effective and thorough treatment. Because good oral hygiene is instrumental to the overall health of your pet, Dr. Saleeb and associates want to ensure that our dental treatments fully address any plague or oral issue your pet may have. Often, especially if pet owners are reluctant to implement at-home dental care, pets can be stressed by an oral exam or unwilling to sit for a cleaning. The use of anesthetic relieves any stress on the animal and ensures we can do a proper and comprehensive cleaning. We can provide non-anesthetic dental work, but only for special cases where a pet is elderly or is unable to anesthetized.

Though we perform them, our veterinary staff believes that tooth extractions are usually preventable. For the most part, if you routinely take care of your pet's teeth, you may never have to bring them in for tooth extractions.  Most extractions are necessitated by periodontal disease, which is by and large due to insufficient oral hygiene.  As mentioned earlier, periodontal disease does not just cause tooth pain and decay, it can also affect other areas of your pet's health such as their heart, liver, lungs and kidneys, just to name a few.

The staff at our animal vet clinic can also provide you with instructions on how to maintain your pet's dental hygiene in between visits.  Being educated on how to brush your pet's teeth, choosing the right dental approved bones, and other skills can lessen the time spent at each cleaning. By caring for your pet's dental health, you can maintain their overall health.

Looking after your pet's oral health is about more than maintaining his or her smile: It is about protecting your pets health today and into the future.  Our veterinary team is dedicated to making this a reality for you and your pets.  If you are looking for an animal vet clinic in the Anaheim area, give us a call at 714-535-6791 or request an appointment through the website.


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