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When you need to travel and board your pet in a safe place, look no further than Katella Animal Clinic in Anaheim. We know that your pets are part of your family, and that you'd love to bring your pet on vacation with you, take your dog to the big work conference, or bring your cat with you when visiting a friend or family member's home. When you have to leave your pet at home, we're here to provide the best boarding care possible at our Anaheim animal hospital.

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Anaheim Veterinary Animal Hospital Provides Safe and Compassionate Boarding Care

Our caring and compassionate veterinary staff will make sure your pet receives plenty of one-on-one attention, interactive playtime, long walks and nutritious meals. While our 'pet resort' is filled with all the loving comforts of home, we know that just like humans, pets can sometimes get homesick. Does your pet have a favorite toy? A special treat? You are welcome to bring any comforts from home to our animal vet clinic that will help your pet relax while you are gone. We request that you label these toys so we can be sure they return home with your pet when the visit is over.

At Katella Animal Clinic in Anaheim, we now that each pet is used to a different routine, and we always do our best to accommodate your pet's specific needs. If your pet has special dietary requirements, we are happy to follow these guidelines. If your pet is on medication, we will also administer the medication according to the guidelines from your veterinarian.

Maintaining a safe, healthy and sanitary environment at our animal vet clinic and boarding resort is our top priority. To prevent the spread of parasites to other boarders, we require that all of our pet guests must be flea-free. If you have questions about fleas control, our veterinarian is happy to talk to you about any of our recommended flea products and the best way to keep your pet healthy. During your pet's stay with us, if we notice any fleas, we will automatically treat them to ensure the safety and health of your pet and the other pets in our care. Additionally, all pet sleeping areas are disinfected and cleaned twice a day to ensure optimal comfort and safety.

Boarding your pet at our veterinary animal hospital is also a smart choice for your pet's well being. In the event of an unexpected dental or health emergency, our veterinary staff and animal hospital are just steps away, so we can administer immediate, urgent care to protect the health of your pet. Please note that we require your pet to be up-to-date on all vaccinations prior to boarding. If your pet is not, we are happy to administer these vaccinations for you.

In addition to pet boarding, our animal vet clinic offers routine wellness screenings, spay and neuter services, dental care and grooming. If your pet requires a routine check-up or health work, we can sometimes accommodate an appointment while your pet is boarded here at our animal vet clinic. We also offer grooming services to boarded pets - just let us know on check-in if you'd like your pet to receive a pampering treatment! We offer daily, weekly, long-term boarding rates. We also offer a multi-pet discount.

We look forward to welcoming your dog or cat to our pet resort! Call us at 714-535-6791 to schedule a stay for your pet.


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  • "They treat rats!! my babies have all been here and the vet is incredible to them. You can tell he really cares and its totally affordable. He removed a tumor from one of my rats for an outrageously inexpensive price. Staff is great, highly recommended!"
    Andie L. - Anaheim