We value our clients' experience at Katella Animal Clinic. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Ray Saleeb

I have been going to a local clinic here in Anaheim for the last several years, until my Vet moved to another state and retired, I looked everywhere for a great vet and clinic that can replace my clinc and thanks God. I found this place, they really showed me how a great animal clinic is, they are very friendly, their prices was very affordable, they even went over all the directions of how to give my medications, their clinic smells like holidays scents, very clean . I saw the vet for my little dog and cat, and he was very professional, caring, he even called "Toby" sweatheart...., he introduced himself, shaked my hand, and showed me how to care for my dog at home. Now, I am so glad to have this place for all my animal care, I came back for recheck, and the same day of the visit, the doctor even called me at home to see how is my dog doing. Now, my husband is goling to get another dog from the shelter, and we will definatley go back to have them to be my vet for ever and to care for all my pets. I told all my family, neighbors, and friends about this place and i really recommend them to everyone. trust them, they are really caring, and professional......

LSam-Anaheim, 2011 (exceptional Veterinary care , wonderful Doctors)

I was able to get into the office on short notice but unfortunately, I didn't see Dr. Saleb during my visit. He was so kind that he called me the next day. The fill in vet was okay but let me tell you one thing, if you go, make sure Dr. Saleb (sp) is there. He is what makes this a five star place for sure. He even called me the next day with and was so kind. Next time, I want to make sure he's there when I go. He is wonderfully caring, kind, and compassionate. I will never go anywhere else, but this is my clinic of choice, and has been a great support for all my babies. The prices are very affordable, and the front staff are just outstanding, very caring and always welcome me and my pets. When when I leave they wish me a great day and say goodby to my pet as well.
Thank you Katella animal clinic for caring for my beloved pets all this time…..steven

Steven S---Fullerton 2011- (make sure you see Dr. Saleeb when you go there)

My old Vet retired, so after searching online, I was impressed by this facility's outstanding reviews. Once i took my pet in, the service seemed average/mediocre. However, the next day I returned for some paperwork and everyone was lively and welcoming. Then a few days later I received a wonderful phone call from the Manager who thanked me and displayed concern for both my dog and myself. She explained results from his exams and I can tell her/the doc/staff take pride in their work and thrive for customer satisfaction. I assume that my first visit was just "one of those days" and i will completely disregard it. I'll definitely be returning here with my dog for all his health affairs.

Sonia R---Anaehim

They treat rats!! my babies have all been here and the vet is incredible to them. You can tell he really cares and its totally affordable. He removed a tumor from on of my rats for an outrageously inexpensive price. Staff is great, high recommended!

Andie L -Anaheim

This place is one of the few facilities that treats exotic pet species, which was fortunate for our little girl, Roxy (a ferret). So, the wife and I love this place! After we adopted a cockatiel, where'd we go? Katella Animal Clinic! Now that we have a puppy? Katella Animal Clinic! What about when we have a baby? I think we'd better look for human services on this one...

KAC is located on Katella Ave., on the outskirts of Anaheim...actually really close to Stanton in a not-so-attractive part of town. Still, this place is great. We've been clients for years and have been happy with the services and care that have been provided. When our second ferret, Riki, passed on, KAC was very professional and took great care to make sure the whole ordeal was bearable. And now that we've got a puppy in the picture, this has opened up a new world of services we'd never experienced before. When our puppy dislocated a toe, they made sure her recovery was a quick and painless as possible, too! (Dang! Raising a puppy is a job in itself!)

This place has pet food, snacks, meds, grooming, and boarding in addition to their wide range of medical services. Every once in a while, they have kitties up for adoption in the waiting area (fun to watch!). Owner information is readily available...from pet insurance to pamphlets concerning the dangers to pets in the average household (Wow! I didn't know onions and avocados were poisonous to dogs!).

The medical and office staff are courteous in the face of the ignorant or over-protective pet owners (I've seen it so many times...). They're extremely knowledgeable and make sure you understand what procedures and steps are being taken with your loved ones. I suppose this all comes with the's not much different than a hospital when you think about it. Dr. Saleeb has been an outstanding doctor, he was able to diagnose my pet's problems by simply taking an x-ray and some blood sample, gave me medications to go home, and they were just great by the first dose. The clinic is clean, does not smell like any other animal clinics I have been to, their prices is outstanding, very affordable to people like me who have no addition income to spend on their pets. They work with you and always offer you payment plans in form of care credit. I recommend all my family, neighbors, and friends to this clinic. I will never go anywhere else….but here at Katella animal clinic. Thank you Dr. Saleeb and staff for taking care of my hairy family members all this years.

Arnold R----Orange County. 2010


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  • "They treat rats!! my babies have all been here and the vet is incredible to them. You can tell he really cares and its totally affordable. He removed a tumor from one of my rats for an outrageously inexpensive price. Staff is great, highly recommended!"
    Andie L. - Anaheim